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Faith's Polka Dot Adventure with PawPaw

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This is a story PawPaw and Faith "dreamed" up one day (Faith was five years old).  PawPaw simply asked Faith to give him some words for different categories and then the two of them designed this great story book around those words.


Faith and PawPaw's Polka Dot Adventure

To make your own Storybook:

First, ask your grandchild to give you a few nouns, a few verbs and a few adjectives/adverbs.  Then create a story around these words (like Mad Libs).  

After you have your story (or at least the theme for it), take pictures of your grandkids (and you) for illustration of the story.  Choose other pictures from the internet to add to your story.

Copy and paste your pictures/images into a computer program and have lots of fun creating a funny story.

In this particular story, Faith and Megan got to use "dot markers" to put the dots on everyone (and everything).  They had so much fun doing this!!

Want to share YOUR fun stories of FUN activities with your grandkids?  We would love to hear from you!  And we'll share them with other Groovy Grandparents -- we all love to have fun with our grandkids!!  

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